Our Goals:

TeBuy Global Corp. offers you a one-stop solution for cross-border e-commerce,which includes but not limited to B2C and O2O retail,B2B2C distribution / wholesale and B2B international trading etc.

Our worldwide local teams will help you:
# select the correct SKU combination based on the local market current and future requests;
# choose the suitable online and offline sales channels and we list them for you ASAP;
# build and promote your localized Marketing Strategies focusing on Online Content Marketing and KOL to create your strong Brand Identity;
# promote your items via B2B Live Show at Alibaba B2B Distribution Platform in China;
# work with reliable local logistic partners and warehouses to deliver your products hassle-free;
# take good care of your customers using our local After-Sales team;
# collect payments efficiently using both global and local payment tools.

To sum up, our goal is to develop a comprehensive Cross-Border Online and Offline sales network, so that you can sell your products in different countries easily with the help from our local team.

Who We Are

Distribution channel cross-border integration model

    ◆Self-Owned Online Platforms in Major Markets (www.tw-mall.cn)
    ◆Unique Platform Combined with Selling & Purchasing
    ◆Online / Offline B2C, B2B2C & B2B
    ◆Local Operating Teams in Different Countries
    ◆Content Marketing Promotion with KOL etc.

Taobao, Tmall , JD.com, Amazon, ebay etc.

SF Express, Post EMS, DHL etc.

End Consumers

TeBuy Global Corp. Cross-Border E-Commerce Worldwide Network

Our All-Round Service

From selecting suitable products to listing them online, from promoting them with KOL to selling them via different channels, from delivering the goods to collecting the payments, from solving after-sales problems to encouraging second purchases, we offer you one-stop solution. Furthermore, our target is to help you grow from B2C to B2B international big QTY trading. Join and test us today!

Three Key Success Factors

Global Professional Cross-Border Teams

Localized Operation Teams

Supply Chain Integration

Our Advantages

Diverse Marketing Channels

Multiple Channel Exposure

Settlement Payment

Domestic or International Settlements

Reliable Logistics Worldwide

Fast Cross-Border Custom Clearance

Localized Marketing Strategy

Build your strong brand identity


We have our own B2C platforms in different countries,which offers an Option B in case some online platforms have problems.It is also the best test site for new ideas without worrying big impact.The sales feedback and data will be analyzed before implementing the marketing plan worldwide.

Brand Cooperation

Below are some of our successful cooperation partners. We have helped not only traditional brands but also young rising brands entering new markets or reaching different age groups, thanks to our localized Content Marketing Promotion with suitable KOL and efficient local logistic partners.

Join Us

Easy in only 4 steps. No risk because of no listing fee, annual fee or other hidden fee.

1. Sign Authorization Letter and Contract

We need not only Sales Contract but also different Authorization Letters according to different platforms’ requirements, which can guarantee the rights and interests of both parties.

2. Provide Product Details

Product details and high solution pictures are essential. But brand story, target customer groups, price settings etc. are important as well. More information can help our local marketing team understand your needs better and reach the right market segments.

3. Orders and Shipments

There are different methods of shipping arrangements. Our logistic team will guide you step by step and finalize the best option for you.

4. Settlement Payment

For countries where we have local offices, the payment will be settled in local currency: quick and safe for you. For other countries, we use global payment partners such as Paypal, Payoneer etc. for simple small payments and traditional banking transfer for large payments.

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